Vispereglia (Fabbriche di Vergemoli) 670 m. s.l.m. Ghost Village


To visit this ghost village, you need to call the Municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli and ask if you can speak to an employee that work on the project “Houses at 1€” to get an appointment. We want to warn you that the village it’s approchable by walking, following a way of 6 km (1 h of walking) or with an 4×4 vehicle (we don’t have one).

Where can I find this little village? Can I see where it’s located? Links:

Vispereglia coordinates: 44° 02′ 02” N 10° 23′ 04” E
Vispereglia on Maps
Vispereglia on Google Earth
Vispereglia on Google Earth