Project currently suspended

The project “1€ Houses” has the primary purpose to stop the phenomenon of depopulation that is affecting certain areas of our territory of Fabbriche di Vergemoli.

Since the 50’s of the past century, many territories experimented a process of decrease of population (this phenomenon is still happening now). In these areas, the population reduction is caused by two main factors: a birth/death deficit and a significant emigration.

In the same time, the constantly decline in birth rates and the increase in life expectancy altered the social structure and determined an important process of aging. This phenomenon, in addition to decreasing the youth population, started a process of abandonment of many buildings.

For this reason, several Italian Municipalities found themselves fighting against the issue of “ghost villages”, composed of dangerous and crumbling structures.

Despite this, the management of abandoned real estate’s assets (both private and public) does not have to be considered a burden to get rid of, but a resource for the cultural, touristic and agricultural development.

The revalorisation of the territory has to give priority to the permanence of the existing estates, in order to minimize changing actions so as to maintain the historical identity of our territory

We have no need of new constructions or cementations, the strategy to make a better living environment and to regain our cultural identity is to revive our beloved villages and to redevelop assets in a state of neglect, according to our history.

This project has the aim to let the people know the beauty and wealth that our territory has to offer, and to revive our depopulated villages.